Researcher Position Institute Email
Roberto Speziali Partner Coordinator INAF-OAR
Felice Cusano Manager for Service Observing / Lead Observer INAF-OAS
Andrea Rossi Lead Observer INAF-OAS
Ester Marini Observer INAF-OAR
Simona Paiano Observer IASF-Mi
Roberta Carini Observer (Rome Control Room) INAF-OAR
Marco Faccini Observer (Rome Control Room) INAF-OAR
Diego Paris Manager for Imaging Data Reduction and Web Services INAF-OAR
Adriana Gargiulo Manager for Spectroscopic Data Reduction IASF-Mi
Susanna Bisogni Spectroscopic data reducer IASF-Mi
Marco Fumana Spectroscopic Pipeline contact person IASF-Mi
Vincenzo Testa Manager for the Italian TAC INAF-OAR

Acknowledgements: We'd like to thank all the colleagues for their invaluable contribution to our team: Alessio Giunta (Observer), Konstantina Boutsia (Observer), Letizia CassarĂ  (spectroscopic reduction), Bianca Garilli (spectroscopic reduction), Stefano Gallozzi (LSC), Eleonora Sani (Observer).