The governing institute is the Large Binocular Telescope Corporation (LBTC), a 501 © no-profit organization based in Tucson, AZ.


  • Adriano Fontana - INAF

Member Representatives

  • Christopher Hadad - OSU
  • Buell Januzzi - AZ
  • Hans-Walter Rix - LBTDB
  • Filippo Zerbi - INAF
Unanimous approval by the Member Representatives is required for matters such as the program plan, the budget of LBTC, the financial contributions of the Members, and the designation of the LBT Director.

Board of directors

LBTC's Board of Directors (BoD) meets twice a year. It votes on the budget as well as the annual program plan proposed by the LBT Director. It also votes on various issues such as development priorities, new instrumentation, time allocations for science or instrument commissioning within the partnership, or policies on data handling or scientific dissemination. There are currently eight members on the BoD, one per 12.5% share of the Corporation. Current Board members (January 2020):

  • Adriano Fontana - INAF
  • Buell Jannuzi - AZ
  • Chris Kochanek - OSU (Vice Chair)
  • Andreas Quirrenbach - LBTDB
  • Roberto Ragazzoni - INAF
  • Matthias Steinmetz - LBTDB
  • Mark Whittle - OSU (UV)
  • Dennis Zaritsky - AZ

Scientific Advisory Committee

The SAC provides advice, solicited or otherwise, to the Board and the LBTO Director on all matters relating to scientific, technical and operational aspects of the LBT collaboration. The Committee shall provide its advice to the Board and the Director in formal reports and recommendations submitted to the Board by the SAC chair through the LBTO Director.

  • Eduardo Banados (LBTDB - MPIA, Heidelberg)
  • Michele Bellazzini (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna)
  • Xiaohui Fan (AZ - University of Arizona)
  • Sally Oey (Exterior members - University of Michigan)
  • Rick Pogge (OSU - Ohio State University) - Chair
  • Christian Veillet (Ex-Officio Member - LBTO Director)
  • Mark Whittle (RC - University of Virginia)

Finance Committee

  • Mark Buglewicz - AZ
  • Danny Gasch - RC
  • Marco Iezzi - MISE
  • Matthias Voss - LBTDB (Chair)
  • Susan Waller - OSU