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The instruments currently available at LBT are:

Prime Focus Optical camera - Large Binocular Cameras (LBC)

  • The Large Binocular Camera (LBC) is a wide field imager made of two channels. LBC-Blue is optimized for the blue bands observations from approximately 3500 to 6500 angstroms and LBC-Red is optimized for the red bands observations from approximately 5500 angstroms to 1 micron. They observe simultaneously the same region of the sky as they work in binocular mode. The field of view is approximately 23'x 25' and the image scale is 0.225''/pix.
          -More information is available here.

Near-IR imager and spectrograph (LUCI1 and LUCI2)

  • LUCI1 and LUCI2, (LBT NIR spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral-field unit, formerly known as LUCIFER) are a pair of near-IR spectrographs and imagers mounted at the Nasmyth focus. It offers imaging, long-slit and multi-object (MOS) spectroscopy in the wavelength range 0.89 (LUCI1) or 0.96 (LUCI2) to 2.44 µm over a field-of-view ~4' x 4'. Each instrument includes diffraction limited optics. The image scale is 0.12''/pix for imaging and 0.25'' for spectroscopy. In AO mode it is 0.015''/pix.

The Multi-Object Double Spectrographs for the Large Binocular Telescope (MODS)

  • MODS MODS1-2 (The Multi-Object Double Spectrographs for the Large Binocular Telescope) are a pair of optical spectrographs and imagers mounted at the SX Nasmyth. MODS has two arms highly optimized for the Blue and Red portions of the spectrum (i.e. 1-2).
    With a 6 arc-minute square field of view it is capable of long-slit and multi-slit spectroscopy as well as imaging in the ugriz bands from 0.33 to 1.1 µm.
    All modes currently work in seeing-limited mode. More information is available here

Postdam Echelle Polarimetric and SPectroscopic Instrument (PEPSI)

  • PEPSI PEPSI (Postdam Echelle Polarimetric and SPectroscopic Instrument) is a spectrograph located on a amx6m optical table in the telescope pier, inside a stabilized chamber. PEPSI has two spectrograph cameras that are equipped with a monolitic 10.3kx10.3k CCD, with 9 µm pixels
    The entire spectral range from 383 to 907 nm can be covered in three exposures.
      More informations about PEPSI is available at here and here.

LBT Mid-InfraRed interferometric Camera (LMIRCam)

  • LMIRCam LMIRCam (LBT Mid-InfraRed interferometric Camera) is a camera and coronagraph built to exploit the sensitivity of LBTI (LBT Interferometer). It is available in 3 modes: Single and dual aperture non-coherent direct imaging, Single and Dual aperture nonredundant mask imaging, Single aperture apodizing phase plate coronagraphy. It is optimized for 3-5 µm but can be suited for shorter wavelenghts. The field of view is 11''x11''.
      More informations about LMIRCam are available at here .
LBTAO/LMIRCam at 3.3µm



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